Aurelis apartments are located in a quiet part of the city of Poreč and guarantee you a

relaxing and true vacation. Our apartments are ideal for everyone's taste because they offer unique and modern accommodation, services and other necessary facilities located nearby, and emphasize a pleasant summer vacation where you will feel at home.

The city of Poreč is a thousand-year-old city of rich history, tradition and culture, excellent food, rich natural landscapes, sports and entertainment.

We are recognized as very good and friendly hosts, unobtrusive, but always available and at the disposal of our guests.

We think about everything, so as hosts we will try to make your vacation in Aurelis apartments carefree and unforgettable, and Poreč becomes a place of beautiful moments that you will be happy to return to.

Every year, we provide our guests with the most pleasant and carefree holiday in our apartments, and we are always available for your every inquiry and comment.

Your hosts Marija and Ingo.


Aurelis apartments is a house consisting of 4 fully equipped accommodation units. 3 studio apartments for two (2- MARIS, SOLIS) to four (4- OLIVA) people and one apartment for six (6) to seven (7) people- FLORA. Each accommodation unit contains air-conditioned studio apartments and an apartment equipped with a double bed, television, bathroom, kitchen, dining room and terrace. Aurelis apartments offers free Wi-Fi, parking and contains all cooking equipment as well as bed linen and a sufficient number of towels for each guest so that they can have a carefree rest. If you are a fan of grilled meat and fish, there is a fireplace with a terrace for sitting at your disposal.



If you are looking for a small and charming coastal town with lots of sights, activities and a good vacation, Poreč is the ideal choice, a picturesque town full of options for sightseeing, but also beaches for relaxation. The city of Poreč is an excellent base for exploring the rest of Istria.

The city is surrounded by history, and the most notable is the famous Euphrasian Basilica, which dates back to the 6th century and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The basilica is very well preserved, with beautiful murals on the walls and ceiling. The view from the top of the Euphrasian Basilica of the city and the sea is breathtaking.

In addition to rich historical heritage and culture, Poreč abounds with natural beauty and a variety of beaches for everyone's taste, surrounded by pine forests. It is ideal for tourists who like a quiet vacation, but it also offers a lot of content for people who like an active vacation, fun and adrenaline.


Poreč is an ideal destination to visit some nearby places.